It’s one thing to have great ideas – it’s another to get them all done.

Welcome to Admin Guru

You’re a dedicated, heart-centered online business owner utterly in love with your business, your clients and the transformation you provide. You have a clearly defined and proven business model, and your business is growing – however the time you once had for handling it all is depleting and subsequently suffering. Managing your team is taking all your time and energy and you wish that you weren’t the only one essential to the decision-making. You’d like to serve more people, work on some of your new ideas to expand your revenue streams, but there’s not enough time. You’ve been missing deadlines and if you have to learn one more tech tool you’re gonna lose it. You crave manageability and freedom.

Admin Guru manages your online business when:

  • You are ready to leverage your business and take it to the next level.
  • You’re tired of being the one who has to “take care of everything”.
  • You want to focus on business tasks that only you can do as opposed to dealing with the details of running the back end.
  • You’d rather be spending your days inspiring and sharing your expertise with others.
  • You’d like to trust the day-to-day is in good hands and with a partner who ‘gets’ your business.

Admin Guru is expert problem solving with a clear and concentrated approach to strategy and implementation.

Pleased to meet you

I’m Lisa Kelly, OBM (Online Business Manager), and founder of Admin Guru. As your Admin Guru and partner, I keenly take on the work that’s bogging you down. With sharp focus and talent for getting things done, I know how to confront problems immediately and bring order into a chaotic environment. Using a concentrated approach, I draw your soul-purposed focus back to center. I know how to make you look and be great.

After running my first business – The Centre for Art & Soul, I learned firsthand how important admin and marketing are, but also how time-consuming they can be. And worse than that, how easily they can be left to fall through the cracks! The other thing I discovered is that I’m gifted in strategy and implementation (plus it makes me happy), and am compelled to share my expertise with you, dear client. Highly organized, detail-oriented, with a prior career (20+ years) in graphic design/visual effects, and technical/customer support — I can take the management reigns so that you can focus on what you got into entrepreneurship for in the first place: doing your thing. And doing it well once again! And let’s not overlook the all-important reclaiming of that coveted freedom!

I’m delighted to offer

Results-oriented Online Business Management:

  • Project management (strategy and diligent project planning)
  • Operational management (streamlining/simplifying and automating systems with online tools)
  • People management (delegating, rallying, training and keeping your virtual team)
  • Metrics management (sales analysis helping you make informed business decisions that support the bottom line)

I have a special place in my heart for clients who:

  • Live consciously and with purpose
  • Offer their unique gifts to meet the needs of the planet
  • Make good things happen and are not afraid to take risks
  • Nurture growth and transformation for both themselves and those around them

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