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Hi – I’m Lisa, Operations & Efficiencies Consultant. I work with purpose-driven entrepreneurs who are struggling with burnout, overwhelm and lack of energy. I keenly take a look at the back-end your business to see what inefficiencies are bogging you down behind the scenes. I problem solve and strategize how to streamline operations, projects and team so that you have more time for your clients and more importantly, yourself! You know you’re meant for growth in your biz and it’s time to level-up for success!

My forté is helping service-based business owners get out of the weeds and get back to doing more of what they love. Ask me about my consulting services.

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I engineer support structures and systems for maxed-out business owners who are feeling exhausted and disheartened. This isn’t what they signed up for! Where’s the freedom? Where’s the fun? And what happened to the passion?

Stress no longer – you’re in the right place. Getting things done is my zone of genius. I can see the big picture – the desired end result – and am skilled at creating the plan on how to get there. I can also supervise and manage the execution and implementation of the plan and keep team members to account. I offer a combination of strategy, consulting, and done-for-you services to get your biz’s behind-the-scenes running like a well oiled machine.

It’s Time

  • You are ready to leverage your business and take it to the next level.
  • You’d rather be spending your days inspiring and sharing your expertise with others.
  • You know that systems are the answer to streamline and grow.
  • It’s time for you to rise above the grind, step out of manager role and level-up to the CEO you’re craving to be. Are you ready turn over the back-end of your biz to an expert?

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