greenGrapesMilkWell, I finally created a site dedicated to my Administrative Consulting business. After 2 years of helping small biz owners with their admin headaches, I feel its time to have a bit of a web presence. Creating this site has been a fantastic experience. I’ve learned a ton and it’s reinforced my love of WordPress. And now that the site is pretty much ready, it’s time for me to write a business plan. Yep, at this point there is no real business plan for this business. It’s probably good that I write one. I wrote one for my other business, the Centre for Art & Soul biz, and that was a grueling and painstaking process. Not something that I’d really want to do again – alas, here I am – about to embark on another business planning adventure. I’m hoping that this e-course I’ve signed up for (starting on Monday) makes the experience a totally new and fun one. It was referred to me by a money coach and it’s for ‘creative types’. The name of the course says it all — it’s called ‘The Right Brain Business Plan‘. The start of September seems like the timing is right to begin. So here’s to new beginnings, adventures and new plans!