This week was Week #1 of my 8-week business plan e-course. The Right Brain Business Plan is SO me. Our first exercise was a guided meditation envisioning our work space, where we felt most energized or empowered and how we saw ourselves ‘doing our thing’ both in business and personal life. Then we were to journal some of our findings immediately afterwards. After that we were to go through magazines to ‘Flip & Clip’ in preparation for our vision board exercise. I was happy to hear of an on-line vision board site called ‘‘. It wasn’t a fancy site, but it did the job of compiling my images so that I could take a screen shot. Then I printed it out and I also found a great tin box that I’m going to use to hold my business plan. It was a fun exercise and it also reminded me how much I love to meditate and envision my dreams. Especially because they always come to fruition!

My Biz Plan Vision Board