myLusciousBYflowersAs much as I understand the importance of staying in the present and the peace it brings, I also know how goal settingĀ and making plans is integral to the success and growth of my business. As I mentioned in my previous post, one of things the biz plan e-course required me to do was create a vision board. I’ve made them in the past, and quite impressively, most of the visions or dreams usually come true in one form or another. For this most recent one, I envisioned my home office regularly beautified with floral arrangements (see vision board image in prior blog post). Well, wasn’t I surprised when one of the ‘visions’ was realized only a week or 2 later!! Out of the blue, a client gave me a this gorgeous arrangement from her garden called ‘My Luscious Backyard‘. Can you say ‘Law of Attraction in full effect?!’ Um, hello! I eat this stuff up.