Monthly Archives: November 2013


The Conference with a Conscience

I was so excited when I stumbled upon some news of the SociaLight Conference while doing research one day last spring. I believe Tim Ferris was talking about it on something I'd read - and I love him, so I thought - it must be good. Then when I learned what it was all about - I said 'this is for ME'! I subscribed to their newsletter and as the date got closer, and they sent me a promo code, I decided to bite the bullet and spend the money, look for a sitter for my son for the weekend, [...]

The plan is complete!

Whew -- it's done! This was a super experience in doing a business plan. TheĀ 'Right Brain Business Plan' eight week e-course was not boring or tedious -- it was CREATIVE and FUN. It helped me pinpoint the actions required to move forward and aided in me finding clarity and direction. It got 'the wheels turning' and generated excitement for my business and it's future. I think because I'd already done a lot of ground work before doing the plan, that it was probably beneficial to my completing it. My website had already recently launched, I was wholly clear on my [...]

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