Whew — it’s done! This was a super experience in doing a business plan. TheĀ ‘Right Brain Business Plan‘ eight week e-course was not boring or tedious — it was CREATIVE and FUN. It helped me pinpoint the actions required to move forward and aided in me finding clarity and direction. It got ‘the wheels turning’ and generated excitement for my business and it’s future. I think because I’d already done a lot of ground work before doing the plan, that it was probably beneficial to my completing it. My website had already recently launched, I was wholly clear on my target market and had a fair idea of the financials. Had I begun at ground zero, I’m guessing it may have proved a tad more challenging.

RBBP_displayedTheĀ  RBBP process was also enjoyable in part because I made sure to set aside time every week to work on it. The weekly projects required discipline and commitment and the only way I would stay on task was to work on it for a few hours on my ‘admin day’ which is Monday. It kept me accountable because by getting the regular updates weekly and throughout, kept me on task. Had I not scheduled the time, I would have lagged behind and then possibly felt discouraged. There is no way I would have completed my plan by just purchasing the book and telling myself to do it. And I commend anyone else who can work that way!

Something I’ll be needing to do soon is find a mentor and/or start a goal group or ‘nurture huddle’ (as per RBBP) to help me stay accountable with all of the new actions I want to implement. But until then, I am pretty confident that if I keep setting aside the time on a Mondays – I’ll at least chip away at the list.

The RBBP put all of what was in my head floating around into a neat package (mini-lunchbox and binder) for me to refer to often. I’m now feeling at ease with my plan going forward and am happy. Thank you to the ladies at the Right Brain Business Plan headquarters!

ps – I am not an affiliate – I just feel glad I did this course!