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5 Signs You Might Need An OBM

Here are 5 key signs that indicate you could probably use an OBM (Online Business Manager): • You're too busy to take on new opportunities • You're too busy to create more additional leverage and revenue streams • You're still doing the same things you did when you started your business. For example: updating your website, managing your shopping cart etc. • You have a great team in place - ie: VA (virtual assistant), website person • You are managing the team and projects Many of the above indicators imply that you are quite possibly working more yet - earning [...]

App Happy – Canva

I feel like I'm extremely late to this party. I have only very recently been introduced by a friend to the spectacular CANVA app! I really don't even need to write any sort of review about it - as it's just too awesome. It's so EASY to use - I'm like a kid in a candy store utilizing it! The only flaw I've found is that it can possibly steal away too much of the user's time simply because they are having way too much fun playing around in it! If you like DIY for your flyers, social media images, [...]

Excited to be an OBM in training

I'm now about half way through training to becoming an Online Business Manager! I shake my head when I think about how I got here, and wonder why the Universe had me follow such a long and convoluted path to get to this point. Well I guess I can answer that question myself: to learn all that I know now. But now that I'm here, I can't get over how RIGHT it feels. Back in 2009 when I inherently knew that it was time to jump the 3d animation and VFX industry ship, little did I know that the business [...]

‘App Happy’ – Trello review

Being a lover of tech, trying new apps is exciting and bring out the geek in me. Every once in a while I’ll introduce and review a new app that I’ve recently played around with. Recently I wrote a case study about a client who, I believe is fair to say, was overwhelmed. She called me to her house in late May and requested I document her 'brain dump'. Once her brain had been thoroughly dumped, I took my notes and brought them into a really fun and user-friendly project management app: Trello. The client and I collaborated in Trello [...]

‘App Happy’ – Sanebox review

Being the lover of tech that I am - apps are exciting and bring out the geek in me. Every once in a while, I'll introduce and review a new app that I've recently played around with. In early spring - buried under email, I decided to time myself over a couple of weeks with a 3rd party app that measures productive and wasteful time. My findings on the app's category 'email time spent' stats were pretty outrageous. The average person spends about ⅓ of their work hours reading email - with the majority being distractions (coupons, old newsletters, etc.) [...]

Managing Client Relationships

Lately I've been doing a lot of research and implementation of CRMs. A CRM is a 'Client Relationship Manager'; a database that contains email addresses, contact info and other pertinent info about customers. The initial setup takes a bit of organizing and time, but once established, the benefits are enormous. With a CRM, one can keep track of recent communications and sales, contact info, as well as personal bits of info like date of birth or even custom criteria as specific as an astrological sign. There are a plethora of CRMs out there currently; here are few of the top ones [...]

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