Being the lover of tech that I am – apps are exciting and bring out the geek in me. Every once in a while, I’ll introduce and review a new app that I’ve recently played around with.

In early spring – buried under email, I decided to time myself over a couple of weeks with a 3rd party app that measures productive and wasteful time. My findings on the app’s category ’email time spent’ stats were pretty outrageous.

The average person spends about ⅓ of their work hours reading email – with the majority being distractions (coupons, old newsletters, etc.)

saneBoxLogoWhile there’s no way around receiving email, we can cut down on what we actually process. If you’re traveling and owning a business, reading every email is too costly to continue. The best product I found to regain my time and energy is SaneBox.


1) Prioritizes Based on My Personal Behavior

SaneBox is an email management tool that analyzes my email relationships and decides what’s important based on my past behavior. It then automatically filters out unimportant email into a separate folder (@SaneLater) and summarizes it in a daily digest so I don’t miss anything. This means my inbox is filled exclusively with important/high-priority email. It literally saves me at least 2 hours every day. Beyond those hours, I also find myself more focused since my inbox isn’t cluttered with distractions.

2) Works with my Current Workflow

As much as I love learning new tools, there is a time and a place for participating in downloads of apps that requires me to completely test and interrupt my workflow. With a busy schedule, it’s important for me to prioritize the time spent on complex tutorials or weekly downloads of software updates. With SaneBox, I can log in to my usual inbox – free from distraction, and get straight to work – maintaining my focus.

3) Saves me Hours and Headaches

Another big time-waster for me is unsubscribing. Quite frequently, I unsubscribe to the same newsletter, only to see it again a week later. With SaneBox, I can send unwanted emails to SaneBlackHole (a personal fave), and truly never see them again. I also really like SaneReminders; it allows me to see which contacts did not respond to my emails. Combined, these tools saved me time, but more importantly stress!

Email can be a great business tool again once you remove the unnecessary distractions. If you want to get the most out of email, I suggest you try SaneBox.

Screen Shot 2014-06-29 at 2.27.55 PMOnce you’ve completed the free 2 week trial period, it’s hard to go back to not using it – and for some people – it’s money well spent. Check it out and let me know what you think!