I’m now about half way through training to becoming an Online Business Manager! I shake my head when I think about how I got here, and wonder why the Universe had me follow such a long and convoluted path to get to this point. Well I guess I can answer that question myself: to learn all that I know now. But now that I’m here, I can’t get over how RIGHT it feels.

Back in 2009 when I inherently knew that it was time to jump the 3d animation and VFX industry ship, little did I know that the business I started out with would diminish to ‘hobby’ status and that I’d be training to be something I didn’t even have a clue about back then.

I started out writing a business plan in ’09 for my very grand dreams. I visualized opening a storefront that offered classes to kids in arts and wellness, but to also be a hub for parents to hang and have a coffee, visit with friends and chill out. Unfortunately, it did not materialize at all in the way I’d dreamed. It evolved organically into a much different form and I had to tweak the business plan along the way…  About a year in, while nurturing that baby – the Centre for Art & Soul, I began to divide my time offering support to other women in business with their administrative, financial and marketing needs. I did this in an almost desperate attempt to keep food on my family’s table. Times were tough, but I was still enjoying every moment of growth.IT'S THE-JOURNEY

Far from over, it’s been a scary yet enlightening and joyful experience. By consistently listening to my gut, checking in with my heart and continuing on the business admin support side – I find myself now enrolled in this Online Business Manager certification! I cannot express my excitement about becoming an OBM for coaches and speakers. I realize that I’m here to help ‘the helpers’ – to be the back-end of these coaching and consulting businesses. And now – I’ve just revised my Admin Guru business plan and made my 2015 projections. Nothing delights me more as I look forward to the next year in my newfound love of being an OBM!