beforeTheCoffeeHere are 5 key signs that indicate you could probably use an OBM (Online Business Manager):

• You’re too busy to take on new opportunities

• You’re too busy to create more additional leverage and revenue streams

• You’re still doing the same things you did when you started your business. For example: updating your website, managing your shopping cart etc.

• You have a great team in place – ie: VA (virtual assistant), website person

• You are managing the team and projects

Many of the above indicators imply that you are quite possibly working more yet – earning less.


Now here is where an OBM comes in. They take on 4 major areas of responsibility:

1) Project Management

2) Operations Management and Automation

3) Team Management

4) Metrics (measuring the numbers – keeping track of business)

If you haven’t got the team in place or aren’t making upwards of 6 figures, then maybe what your first step should be is to hold off on the OBM, but instead hire a VA or an Admin Consultant. It’s no secret that by putting the proper help in place, a business owner can reclaim some of their power and freedom in both their business and life!

Photo credit: Ferrell McCullough