I know, it’s been a while.

I’m still here, but you may be wondering where I’ve been.

There are a few reasons for the long break. I’ll try and keep it brief…

A lot has happened…

and I had to let go.

About a year ago – I was barely keeping it together with my business. But at the same time – I felt I’d arrived! I was where I’d always wanted to be – rocking some fab high-end clients and managing the back-end of all of their businesses. I was spinning plates like a machine and my income had tripled from the year prior. I was managing/communicating with about 25 different people on a daily basis and I was amazing myself at my leadership making sure things were always done perfectly and on time. I was the BUSINESS UNICORN I’d always aspired to be! But what I was quickly discovering – was that it wasn’t sustainable. I was so busy – stressed and unable to sleep at night – that I just didn’t ever have the time to keep the marketing wheels in motion (let alone have much of a life). I couldn’t work ON my business – only work IN the weeds of my clients’. I tried hiring a few different VAs for myself, but they didn’t make the cut for long. After several months of insanity, I needed to pare things down. One, and then another client went on their journey without me and I was relieved. We parted ways on good terms so I felt satisfied with my jobs well done.

Once things settled down – and I was sleeping at night again, I started to wonder if I even wanted to engage with new prospects. To begin the entire hamster wheel over again felt exhausting, as I was tired and needed to convalesce. It made sense that now would be the time to create a new business model – run a team-based business, and so I took 2 amazing courses on how to go about doing just that. Problem was – I couldn’t see a way to make it work for me – I hired a few sub-contractors, began marketing a bit – but in hindsight, I can see that deep down I really wasn’t ready to market, drum up more business or promote either. I didn’t feel aligned with the right energy to find clients. And single parenting really IS always my huge priority – no matter what his age, so I was allowing myself to be distracted in that regard.

After some contemplation last autumn – I was hit with the hardest part of all – where I experienced what I believe was my ‘dark night of the soul’ (see Eckhart Tolle’s piece on it). I began questioning things and wondering whether or not I even wanted to run this business at all anymore. I lost my mojo and felt pretty lost. This past winter was hard. I was in a funk for a good 6 months – if not longer.

A couple of books that were monumental for me during this period of self-doubt were ‘Thriving Through Uncertainty’ by Tama Kieves and ‘A Beginner’s Guide to the Universe’ by Mike Dooley. Thankfully, nothing stays the same forever, and things started to shift this spring.
This book – game changer!

I’m not going to go into all of the nitty gritty details, but I’m happy to say that after staying in the discomfort of not knowing for long enough, things eventually began to come into focus with the help of meditation and trusting my inner guide, coming to terms with more change yet again, reading good books and listening to great speakers, yoga and exercise. I slowly began to receive more and more clarity and I was grateful!

This quote resonated deeply at the time…

I learned that I couldn’t force anything. I had to give things space. Getting unstuck is a process… Once things became more clear, I was able to get excited about Admin Guru and my role in it again. I redesigned my service offerings and rewrote a lot of the copy on my site. I feel much more aligned as an ‘Operations & Efficiencies Consultant’!

What came next…

I kept listening to my gut.

Staying open to possibilities, I also followed my intuition which lead me to Denver in early May. It was so easy – logistics lined up as if it was all meant to be and I became certified as an Infinite Possibilities trainer under speaker/authour/trainer Mike Dooley.

Now with that training under my belt  – I’ll be teaching the ‘Infinite Possibilities and the Art of Changing your Life’ course soon! If this sounds like something that piques your interest please feel free to let me know so that I can add you to that list (specific to mindset/success coaching, changing your life and shooting for your dreams, masterminds, book clubs, goal groups, retreats and vision board workshops)! This will be a different business and it’s gathering a lot of interest, so I’m happy to keep you up to date on all of this over the next few months.

I’m still finding that learning to let go is an on-going practice and with me being a control freak – I think it might be my biggest life lesson. Having to change when I really don’t want to – but getting out of ego and knowing I have to is the challenge. Progress not perfection!