I’m an experienced small business owner, manager, director of operations and systems strategist.
I work with purposeful entrepreneurs who are ready to let go of the back-end of their business. I create solutions so clients achieve organization, obtain peace of mind, and time to do more of what they love.

My raison d’etre

I believe there are many talented, heart-centered agents for change working hard to do good work. Beautiful work makes the world a better place. If I can help these champions continue their meaningful work, everyone benefits. I want to be an advocate and a cheerleader for business owners making a difference.

How it all began…

Being highly organized, detail-oriented, with a prior career (20+ years) in graphic design/visual effects, and technical/customer support — I learned that I could transfer many of these talents into entrepreneurship. Working on the back-end of my first business (Centre For Art & Soul: 2009 – 2014), was where I kept finding myself: tinkering with tech tools, creating new systems and making pretty graphics. It nurtured my inner ‘creative geek’, and I was compelled to help other business owners rid themselves of chaos and bring more calm into their lives with my skills. Suddenly – I was a virtual assistant and realized this was where I wanted to and should be! Thus ‘Admin Guru’ was born. A few years later I decided to grow my skills further an became certified as an Online Business Manager. I then became manager of large projects, director of operations and team manager/quality assurance to out-sourced contracted help. Fast forward to today after years of working with many high-end clients – I now have the breadth of knowledge on what works best to customize the best efficient strategy for any business’ back-end.

Happy helping the helpers

I am most happy helping speakers, authours, trainers, coaches (Life, Spiritual, Business, Health) and try to achieve a stress-free business life with visions that fall in line with living holistically, and consciously. The wonderful aspect of consulting with various women who are creatively rich and transformative in their offerings, is that it feeds my need to learn, develop, and grow. I have a keen spirit ever looking to improve myself and those I help. I’m also known as a ‘Techie Mentor’ and often teach live classes to creative entrepreneurs around the city of Toronto.

Lisa Kelly
Lisa KellyOperations Consultant and Founder

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