4 Smart Habits for Productivity Peace of Mind

Managing my time from day to day is a constant work in progress. I certainly wouldn't call myself an expert at it. In fact - we all know that time doesn't really exist, so then what it comes down to is managing oneself. On my quest for learning how to manage time - or rather myself, I've done copious amounts of research on the subject. I've compiled data and made curated lists of time management and productivity tools, focus boosters, habit apps and more. In fact I've even made this topic part of a course I teach regularly at Camp [...]

So many books, so little time!

I finally have resumed reading books again! For quite a while I had a quiet concern every time I passed by my stacks of various books that I'd started - each with their bookmarks placed at varying degrees of completion. I was aware that this was most likely a sign of ‘my own personal times’. Lack of focus, allowing other activities to take precedent (not necessarily in order of importance), wanting to catch amazing TV periodically – not to mention all the other tasks that go with being a solorepreneur-single-mom and a woman who wants self-care/healthy lifestyle to be a [...]

App Happy – Canva

I feel like I'm extremely late to this party. I have only very recently been introduced by a friend to the spectacular CANVA app! I really don't even need to write any sort of review about it - as it's just too awesome. It's so EASY to use - I'm like a kid in a candy store utilizing it! The only flaw I've found is that it can possibly steal away too much of the user's time simply because they are having way too much fun playing around in it! If you like DIY for your flyers, social media images, [...]

‘App Happy’ – Trello review

Being a lover of tech, trying new apps is exciting and bring out the geek in me. Every once in a while I’ll introduce and review a new app that I’ve recently played around with. Recently I wrote a case study about a client who, I believe is fair to say, was overwhelmed. She called me to her house in late May and requested I document her 'brain dump'. Once her brain had been thoroughly dumped, I took my notes and brought them into a really fun and user-friendly project management app: Trello. The client and I collaborated in Trello [...]

‘App Happy’ – Sanebox review

Being the lover of tech that I am - apps are exciting and bring out the geek in me. Every once in a while, I'll introduce and review a new app that I've recently played around with. In early spring - buried under email, I decided to time myself over a couple of weeks with a 3rd party app that measures productive and wasteful time. My findings on the app's category 'email time spent' stats were pretty outrageous. The average person spends about ⅓ of their work hours reading email - with the majority being distractions (coupons, old newsletters, etc.) [...]

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