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My non-linear path to finding my ‘Thing’

Recently I was highlighted on a good friend and past coach - Alex Baisley's newsletter. I spoke about how important the value of building my business from lifestyle up has been for me. And how my lifestyle - for myself and my son - has been the compass all along the way on my path in entrepreneurship. And that it can take a few iterations to create it. As Alex says "We don't have to change our lives and work 100%. Every 10% improvement on lifestyle with each new move you make matters. A lot. It mattered HUGELY to Lisa. [...]

How to start your own Goal Group (a.k.a. Mastermind)

During this brief (aprox. 10 minute) video, I‘ll discuss how you can e­­­asily start and run your own Goals Group. I’ll talk about the who, the when, the where and the how in order to stay accountable to getting where you not only want to be, but also where you are meant to be.   Goal setting is something I actively started doing when I became an entrepreneur in 2009. I’d write goals down and put deadlines to them. Some goals got achieved; some did not. About 2 and a half years ago I decided I wanted to do more [...]

Excited to be an OBM in training

I'm now about half way through training to becoming an Online Business Manager! I shake my head when I think about how I got here, and wonder why the Universe had me follow such a long and convoluted path to get to this point. Well I guess I can answer that question myself: to learn all that I know now. But now that I'm here, I can't get over how RIGHT it feels. Back in 2009 when I inherently knew that it was time to jump the 3d animation and VFX industry ship, little did I know that the business [...]

The plan is complete!

Whew -- it's done! This was a super experience in doing a business plan. The 'Right Brain Business Plan' eight week e-course was not boring or tedious -- it was CREATIVE and FUN. It helped me pinpoint the actions required to move forward and aided in me finding clarity and direction. It got 'the wheels turning' and generated excitement for my business and it's future. I think because I'd already done a lot of ground work before doing the plan, that it was probably beneficial to my completing it. My website had already recently launched, I was wholly clear on my [...]

Envisioning the future…

As much as I understand the importance of staying in the present and the peace it brings, I also know how goal setting and making plans is integral to the success and growth of my business. As I mentioned in my previous post, one of things the biz plan e-course required me to do was create a vision board. I've made them in the past, and quite impressively, most of the visions or dreams usually come true in one form or another. For this most recent one, I envisioned my home office regularly beautified with floral arrangements (see vision board image [...]

Vision Boarding My Business

This week was Week #1 of my 8-week business plan e-course. The Right Brain Business Plan is SO me. Our first exercise was a guided meditation envisioning our work space, where we felt most energized or empowered and how we saw ourselves 'doing our thing' both in business and personal life. Then we were to journal some of our findings immediately afterwards. After that we were to go through magazines to 'Flip & Clip' in preparation for our vision board exercise. I was happy to hear of an on-line vision board site called ''. It wasn't a fancy site, but [...]

Time to make a plan.

Well, I finally created a site dedicated to my Administrative Consulting business. After 2 years of helping small biz owners with their admin headaches, I feel its time to have a bit of a web presence. Creating this site has been a fantastic experience. I've learned a ton and it's reinforced my love of Wordpress. And now that the site is pretty much ready, it's time for me to write a business plan. Yep, at this point there is no real business plan for this business. It's probably good that I write one. I wrote one for my other business, [...]

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