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Organization 101 – Virtual Classroom

How right-brainers can stay on top of their admin

In this 3 part webinar series, Admin Guru Lisa Kelly helps creative entrepreneurs streamline their operations and automate key areas to eliminate “admin overload.”

Admin doesn’t have to be messy. With Admin Guru you’ll learn to simplify your workflow and integrate disparate systems using the latest technological tools. Even technophobes can grasp her easy-to-learn steps to an organized business.

Many “right-brain” thinkers struggle with keeping accounts, marketing and staying on top of paperwork. Once admin overload sets in, relationships start falling apart, leading to lost sales. Backlogs and back taxes can build up for years.

“Lisa’s course is chock full of info. I learned a lot as she has researched many online tools and gives her suggestions of what helps the solopreneur in a chaotic environment. Her laid back teaching style invited the students to ask questions and give their input so that everyone could learn from each other and also do a little networking. The curated lists are also great to have for future reference – I highly recommend ‘Organization 101’!” ~ Leigh Mitchell, Founder – Women In Biz Network

A wealth of knowledge taught in three 1 hour sessions

Ben Anders

Ben Anders

Part I – Feb. 26th, 2pm EST
• Time Management
• Email Management
• Project Management

Part II – Mar. 5th, 2 pm EST
• Customer relationship management (CRM)
• Bookkeeping and filing taxes
• Synching calendars, online tools and apps

Part III – Mar. 12th, 2 pm EST
• Learning Management Systems (running courses
• Simple e-commerce
• Online marketing
• Q & A
Recordings are available to all participants

• Class #1 Thursday Feb. 26, 2015
• Class #2 Thursday Feb. 5, 2015
• Class #3 Thursday Mar. 12, 2015
2:00pm – 3:00pm EST

*Registrants who cannot attend will receive all recorded classes

Admin Guru shares invaluable tips for:
• Bookkeeping and filing taxes
• Synching calendars and apps
• Project management
• Customer relationship management (CRM)
• Email management
• Online marketing
• Simple e-commerce

‘Your class was awesome. And your curated lists were very much appreciated! As a small business owner who is short on time, it’s so helpful to have a professional share her experience of exactly what works and what doesn’t.’ ~ Avery Schwartz, Founder – Camp Tech

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