Client Love

“She’s dependable, solid, and a valuable asset to my business.”
“Since working together, I’ve been able to work on areas of my business needing attention more readily because I know that Lisa’s managing other areas. That’s also given me the ability to take a little more time away from my business a little more often.

What I find most valuable with Lisa’s services is her assistance keeping me on task and accountable. Another is her ability to be proactive and spot areas where I need assistance before I ask. At core, having Lisa as part of my team has given me breathing room to know that I don’t have to carry everything in my business on my own.”

Marissa Heisel, Transformational Essentials

“Lisa is the kind of creative co-conspirator that you want in your corner.”
“She is always bringing fresh ideas, new ways of approaching challenges in online business and is a delight to work with. For anyone wanting to take their business to the next level, Lisa’s organizational skills, depth of  knowledge and supportive approach is a game changer and as an executive I deeply appreciated her contributions to uplevelling my business.”

Jennifer Haddow, Wild Women Expeditions

“She didn’t just take things off my plate, she took them off my mind.”
Before working with Lisa, I was doing everything on my own — sometimes well, sometimes less well — and working crazy hours, not always optimally. As soon as Lisa came on board, things changed.

She didn’t just take things off my plate, she took them off my mind. I was totally relaxed knowing she had things under control. She’s great with details and organization, but for me it was really her judgement that made the difference. I felt very comfortable letting her run with things because I saw immediately how high her standards are and how detail-oriented she is. She added a ton of value to everything she did, and always had her eye on the big picture. I felt, for the first time ever, the joy and power of being supported by a pro. I’d work with her again in a heartbeat.”

Sandra Kahale, Exploring Entrepreneurship

“Lisa Kelly is a savant with this stuff.”
I CANNOT recommend her course enough. Lisa Kelly is a savant with this stuff – the latest tips / tools / resources / apps that will make you sane and put the focus back on profit for your business. I did Seth Godin’s AltMBA last Spring and Lisa was all over the tools that were being recommended during that course. You really have a gift here Lisa – and to think of all the great women you’ve helped, and the goodness they’re putting into the world!”

Emily McInnes, Eye Buy Art

“Lisa is savvy, dedicated, and a joy to work with.”
She supported me toward achieving my goals with confidence, patience, and determination to solve each problem that arose. Lisa is savvy, dedicated, and a joy to work with. She is approachable, kind, and able to see the bigger picture as well as keep track of the many small details that inevitably arise. I’ve so appreciated having her in my corner. I walked away feeling better supported, more confident in my ability to expand and still serve clients with integrity, and with increased clarity regarding what’s working and what’s not on the back end of my business.”

Beth Berry, Revolution From Home

“I’m less stressed because I’m better organized.”
“Lisa is a warm and genuine person with a knack for helping people sort stuff out. Not just admin tasks but priorities too. Her willingness to work with me where I was, and not try to change everything or recommend expensive services/apps was greatly appreciated.

Not only did she audit my tech tools, but she also addressed time management for self-care. I’m more aware of the time I do (or do not) allocate to self-care and am more committed to making myself a priority. I love the ‘batch processes’ idea – I feel more space in my brain and get more done when I schedule blocks of time for specific tasks. I’ve also developed a greater understanding of what’s important and essential for my success and happiness. It’s hard to spend time on stuff that doesn’t seem worthwhile when you think about scheduling it.

Tangible results I’ve received? More ‘me time’. Not more time off but more enjoyment of the time that I do have because I waste less mental (& physical) energy getting things done. And I’m less stressed because I’m better organized. Which ultimately means I do better work with my clients. :)”

Janet Walker, Janet Walker Osteopathy

“Lisa is one of those special gems you definitely want on your team.”
“With any and every project she takes on, she does so taking full ownership and huge intiative, ensuring every last detail is taken care of. Lisa is one of those special gems you definitely want on your team.
As a busy entrepreneur, there is great comfort and huge freedom that can come with knowing your back end and online systems are taken care of… Lisa has given me that freedom.
Not only is she extremely competent and capable, moreover she is a pleasure to work with. I’m so fortunate to have Lisa in my corner! I can’t recommend her highly enough.”
Carol Schulte, Women Living Big

“I have not experienced flow like I have since I’ve met Lisa!”
“I found myself trying to work on sooo many different projects at once and getting reeaally overwhelmed with all of them, with all of the different people involved, all the timelines and not being able to focus solely on what I wanted to as a transformation coach and authour: the transformation in clients. And so when Lisa came into my life – everything changed because she was able to create a project management system for me – and it became a huge release for me. I didn’t realize how the constant thinking about the priorities, the timelines, the criteria and people involved had been such a draining energy in my life. And I have not experienced flow like I have since I’ve met Lisa! She has been sharing her incredible skills and specialty with me and I’m truly grateful for this experience in working with Lisa. The biggest lesson for me in all of this is that we really need to be focusing only on what we do best. That’s where we are happiest and everything else can be draining. So hire the experts to make it happen for us because what comes from it is absolute gold. Magic is what comes from it.
Judy Machado-Duque, Life Purpose Playbook
“She brings a values-based approach to a field that often lacks heart & soul.”
“Lisa brings a blend of creative and analytical thinking to her work, and is always on top of her game. She has been a frequent Mentor to the Shecosystem community and has problem solved for many of our members. Lisa has given me great tips on tools and practises for managing my business, helping me to streamline my systems and prevent overwhelm and burnout. She brings a values-based approach to a field that often lacks heart & soul – a balanced combination of administrative and technical knowledge with a commitment to holistic wellbeing and personal development.”
Emily Rose Antflick, SheCoSystem
“I will definitely be calling on Lisa in the future to assist me with my online course launches.”
“I engaged Lisa to help me launch a webinar based course. From researching and helping me choosing a webinar tool, setting up the webinar series, educating me on how to use the tool, live support on every webinar and troubleshooting with the vendor, Lisa was there every step of the way.  She provided amazing customer support and I knew what to expect at every step. Nothing was ever too much trouble or a silly question. I felt completely confident running the sessions with Lisa there to support me. I will definitely be calling on Lisa in the future to assist me with my online course launches. She is a highly knowledgeable and professional support resource for all of your online solutions.”
Natasha Mitchell, Inspire and Drive

“I highly recommend ‘Organization 101’!”
“Lisa’s course is chock full of info. I learned a lot as she has researched many online tools and gives her suggestions of what helps the solopreneur in a chaotic environment. Her laid back teaching style invited the students to ask questions and give their input so that everyone could learn from each other and also do a little networking. The curated lists are also great to have for future reference – I highly recommend ‘Organization 101’!”
Leigh Mitchell, Women In Biz Network
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“She helped identify and clarify my long and short term goals.”
“I run a dance arts studio for boys and girls in the west end of Toronto and Lisa began working with me in early 2015 to help identify and clarify my long and short term goals, beginning with a powerful mind mapping of ideas and goals that had been stored in my brain. Her attention to detail and expansive ability to see through the oft cloudy lens of an owner helped me tremendously through a critical change and growth of my business. The online project management system Lisa put in place continues to provide function and helps my staff handle the various projects we are managing on any given day.”
Lori Charbonneau, Charb Arts
“Your class was awesome!”
“Your class was awesome. And your curated lists were very much appreciated! As a small business owner who is short on time, it’s so helpful to have a professional share her experience of exactly what works and what doesn’t.”
Avery Swartz, Camp Tech
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“She has helped me sleep better!”
“Before Lisa, I suffered quite a lot of anxiety regarding the business side of my business. Not only has she improved the way my business runs, she has helped me sleep better! It is such an amazing feeling to know there is someone in my corner helping me with the piles and piles of admin work. I think every business owner I know could benefit from Lisa’s service, allowing us all more time to do the things we love most about our businesses. Thank you Lisa!!!”
Alison Westlake, Coriander Girl
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“Lisa Kelly has been a life-saver for my business and for my sanity!”
“What I appreciate most are her high standards for professionalism and her heartfelt support of me and my business Yoga Goddess. She showed up at a critical time for me when I needed to have a presence on the ground in Toronto while I was away traveling and teaching abroad. The first time we met was after working together virtually for over 4 months! Once I was back in Toronto I knew I didn’t want to work without Lisa’s support. She’s a quick learner and eager to do her best. Her time management skills are impressive and her customer service skills are well developed because she has experience running her own business. It feels so good to know my emails are being answered every day in a timely way so I can focus on other aspects of running my business. Hiring Lisa was has been one of the best investments I’ve made for my business and for my own peace of mind.”
Zahra Haji, Yoga Goddess
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“She really listened to what I needed and wanted.”
“What a delight it was to have Lisa wade through the confusing maze that my WordPress theme was for me. She really listened to what I needed and wanted. She set everything up with style – and then – took me by the hand and led me through the process in an uncomplicated way. And that means I can now do it myself! I am thrilled with the way my site looks and feels and the ease with which visitors and I can navigate through it.”
Christine Pensa, Art That Moves
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“Lisa helped me tremendously.”
“Lisa helped me tremendously. She showed me how to step back, identify, sort and prioritize what seemed like a very daunting series of challenges. She introduced me to project management software and help me to integrate more effective communication systems. Her coaching allowed me to be more assertive, to delegate more effectively and to feel more confident in my decision making. At the end of the process, Lisa left me with clearly defined goals and timelines and the tools to manage them.”
Vicki Bell, The Little Paper
“Efficient, effective, knowledgeable, and kind.”
“As a small business owner with an overwhelming amount of details on my plate, Lisa Kelly is my life saver! Efficient, effective, knowledgeable, and kind — she’s worth her weight in gold.”
Sara Wood, Smock Café and Wonder Workshop
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“After telling Lisa about my issues, she came back to me with a plan of action.”
“As my business grew, I found that my old administrative systems just weren’t cutting it anymore and tasks were falling through the cracks. I was falling behind on communication with my clients and workflow with my team was becoming inefficient. After telling Lisa about my issues, she came back to me with a plan of action. She set me up with a new system that streamlines communications with my clients and my team. I now have a very good overview of who my clients are, when they were followed up with and what they need. Plus my team and I communicate extremely well. Managing and maintaining contact with everyone is so much easier! I now have more time to focus my energy on growing my business and increasing sales”
Amanda Spakowski, The Nesting Place
“She understands how to work around the chaos and start cleaning it up.”
“Lisa’s ‘business nanny’ work at Good Catch has been of great comfort.  As a fellow mompreneur, she understands how to work around the chaos and start cleaning it up. She enjoys helping out small businesses with her focus and drive… yet with a gentle and nurturing nature. She will offer advice and support services without stepping on your toes. I can’t thank her enough.
Jola Sobolak, Good Catch General Store
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“Thank God for Lisa Kelly!”
“Just coming off of a month of touring, I said to myself ‘Thank God for Lisa Kelly’ as I put all my files and receipts into their categorized places. Not only has Lisa created a filing system that keeps me organized with all of my bookkeeping, she taught me how to maintain a professional invoicing/receiving section for dealing with clients and employees. I love being able to file things away neatly and also know that everything is in order when it comes time to see my accountant for year-end taxes. She’s knowledgeable but still keeps it all simple enough for me to do it myself. It’s apparent that Lisa really enjoys supporting small business and helping with tasks that most biz owners just don’t have time for. I only wish she’d organize my closets too!”
Shoshana Sperling, The Monkey Bunch (a children’s enviro-rock band)
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